Characteristics and Application Range of Polishing Fluid for Grinding and Polishing Materials


For metal, hardware, and stainless steel workpieces, there are also high requirements for grinding and polishing materials. At the same time, there are requirements for the selection and use of polishing fluids for grinding and polishing materials. Hantong Grinding first introduces the polishing material polishing liquid, which is made of high-purity silicon dioxide and other composite abrasives to form a composite polishing material polishing liquid with original particle size, and is dispersed in the lotion by adding a special modifier.

Polishing fluid for grinding and polishing materials has properties such as high permeability, high strength, high adhesion, film forming activity, high weather resistance, and strong thixotropy

1、 High purity, effectively reducing contamination of electronic products

2、 Polishing materials have a high polishing rate, utilizing uniformly dispersed nanoparticles such as silica to achieve high-speed polishing

3、 High flatness processing, this product is polished using particles of materials such as nano SiO2, which will not cause physical damage to the processed parts, achieving high flatness processing

Precautions for using polishing material polishing solution: Due to the gradual thickening or even freezing of the product after storage for a period of time, it is recommended to dilute it with a ratio of water: solution=1:1, and to use a dispersing device to stir evenly (with better results) before adding it. When adding, attention should also be paid to the viscosity of the system to avoid the problem of heavy flocculation caused by low base material viscosity or low shear rate.

The main application areas of polishing fluid include:

Firstly, polishing materials and polishing fluids are widely used for nanoscale chemical mechanical polishing, such as silicon wafers, compound crystals, precision optical devices, hard disk discs, gemstones, and other nanoscale and sub nanoscale polishing processes.

Secondly, polishing fluid products can be used as an additive and can also be applied in fields such as water-based adhesives and high weather resistant exterior wall coatings.