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Abrasive polishing material characteristics and application of polishing liquid

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On the metal, metal, stainless steel parts in terms of grinding and polishing material requirements are high, at the same time, the choice of abrasive polishing material selection and use are required. Han Tong grinding first to introduce polishing material polishing liquid, with high purity silica composite abrasive into the formation of primary particle diameter of the composite polishing material polishing liquid, and add a special treatment agent dispersed in the emulsion.
Polishing abrasive polishing material with high permeability, high strength, high adhesion, film-forming activity, high weathering and strong thixotropic properties:
First, high purity, effectively reduce the contamination of electronic products
Second, the high polishing rate polishing material, the use of dispersed nano-silica and other particles to achieve the purpose of high-speed polishing
Third, the high flatness processing, the product is the use of polished nano-SiO2 particles and other materials, will not cause physical damage to the workpiece, to achieve high flattening processing
Caution on the use of polishing material polishing solution: As the product after storage for a period of time, will gradually thicken or even frozen, it is recommended to use the ratio of water: solution = 1: 1 dilution, and recommended the use of dispersing equipment stirring Uniform (better) before adding. At the time of addition, attention should also be paid to the viscosity of the system to avoid the problem of heavy flocculation due to too low a base viscosity or a low shear rate.
The main application of polishing liquid include:
First of all, polishing material polishing liquid is widely used in nanoscale chemical mechanical polishing, such as: silicon, compound crystals, precision optics, hard disk, gemstones and other nanoscale and sub-nanoscale polishing.
Second, polishing fluid products can be used as an additive, but also the application of water-based adhesives and high weathering exterior paint and other fields.


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