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General environmental electrolytic polishing liquid can be austenitic, martensitic stainless steel

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Electrolytic polishing is mainly through the positive and negative current, the same role of the electrolyte to improve the metal surface microscopic geometry, reducing the metal surface roughness, so as to achieve the purpose of the workpiece surface smooth. Electrolytic polishing the first major feature is the selective dissolution of the workpiece surface is a wave from the microscopic curve, the convex parts of the metal surface of the electrical rate than the recessed part of the electrical rate is higher, so the protruding parts Will be dissolved first, and the concave part of the mucous membrane obtained due to more, get electricity low, so passivation, not easily dissolved. So the initial stage of electrolysis is the process of surface finishing. After the surface is flat and then slowly enter the light process, then the surface is smooth and flat.
This product is suitable for all bright electrolytic polishing stainless steel. Especially for external electrolysis polishing or material types more users most practical. Such as furniture, tableware, flowers, pipe, wire, racks, stamping parts and various types of hardware polished inside and outside, the scope of application is extremely broad.
This product features:
1, the solution is stable, not easy to decompose and aging, low consumption, service life beyond the traditional polishing agent;
2, does not contain chromium, chloride, fluoride, etc., so the skin, parts and equipment corrosion is minimal, no pollution to the environment;
3, can throw bright, smooth, uniform mirror gloss, rust-proof ability;
4, Before using this agent, it is recommended to pre-treat the metal surface with rust stains and oil stain before use to save the agent.
Operating procedures:
Hanging → chemical degreasing → hot water washing → cold water washing → electrolytic polishing → secondary flow cold water washing → acid activation → cold water washing → drying (according to the actual situation, adjust part of the process).
The use of stock solution, lead plate cathode (negative), the workpiece as the anode (positive), 40-degree, the current density of 10-25 ampere / square decimeter, voltage 8-10 volts, time 5-8 minutes. Recommended process: (degreasing and rust activation → washing → drying) → electrolytic polishing → washing → passivation → washing → neutralization → washing
1, the working fluid has a certain corrosive, should not be exposed skin contact, the operation should wear latex gloves.
2, the processing unit oil serious, it is recommended to pre-rough waste oil.
3, the working fluid for a period of time, due to the decline in effective concentration, poor treatment, this time should be replaced by new liquid or add this product.


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